Teseo ap kit


Eliminate hazardous trailing hoses
Customise the kit to suit your needs
Install without special tools


Benefits of the AP Kit

Benefits of the Teseo AP Kit

A safe environment

Trailing hoses create trip hazards and cause damage; easily resolved quickly and affordably with a Teseo AP Kit by installing localised point-to point connections. Deliver compressed air exactly where you want it.

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Benefits of the Teseo AP Kit

Simple Installation

The unique design of the Teseo product makes installation of modular aluminium pipework a straight forward process. No threading or brazing, no leaking joints, no special tools, AP Kit makes it possible to install your own compressed air system.

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Benefits of the Teseo AP Kit

Industrial Standard

Aluminium Profile (AP) pipe in kit format is aimed at lower flow applications but the design characteristics ensure that whatever the application the use of AP will result in an “industrial standard” system.

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Benefits of the Teseo AP Kit

Fully Customisable

Standard or bespoke specifications in a convenient box format, AP Kit is infinitely flexible. Customise the Kit to meet your own needs with a complete range of pipe sizes and fittings. Adapt our standard to a variety of applications.

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" I ran a PVC system in my garage until it split and sent shrapnel flying everywhere and realised how dangerous it was. I looked into rubber hose and copper however my friend who uses this in his woodworking shop recommended it to me. Unlike your overview video I have fitted the kit just above bench height so I can have as many outlets as I want without a drop/take off. My new set up is a lot safer and much easier to use and modify in the future. "

AP Kit User

" We put the Teseo airline in place and it instantly solved our problem with pressure drop. We had 1/2'' plastic tubing causing us a pain in the neck over 20M distance "

Compressor Manufacturer

" Installation went really well thanks. Happy customer! The frames including ‘Teseo’ look great "

Paint Spraying & Treatment Specialist

" I needed Teseo product on site urgently. DCS despatched my order the same day and even upgraded the carriage to pre 9AM delivery. Excellent service "

Project Manager

" Teseo is brilliant to work with and the quality is outstanding. We haven't had any issues or leaks 2 years on from the installation "

Component Manufacturer