What is a Teseo AP Kit?

AP Kit is the best-practice approach to compressed air pipework previously out of reach for hobbyists, enthusiasts and artisan businesses. Available as a standard kit or to bespoke specification and delivered in a convenient box format.

What are the benefits of a Teseo AP Kit?

Teseo pipework is the only modular aluminium pipework system designed specifically for compressed air in a box section format.
The unique design of the product and the wide range of components available for the AP Kit allows for quick installation and modification of the system. 
Teseo modular Aluminium Profile pipework is straight forward to assemble and install without special tools – providing you have the right skills and work safely. 
The unique design of the product and the wide range of components available for the AP Kit allows for quick installation and modification of the 

AP Kit in standard or bespoke specifications delivered in a convenient box format, AP Kit is infinitely flexible.

Why choose the Teseo AP Kit over other brands?

Aluminium Profile pipe in kit format is aimed at lower flow applications but the design characteristics ensure that whatever the application the use of AP will result in an “industrial standard” system.
AP Kit combines all of the benefits of Teseo modular aluminium pipework with the convenience of selecting from standard or bespoke specifications.
The fully customisable kit is delivered in a convenient box format in manageable quantities.The introduction of AP Kit brings all of these benefits to the smaller user at a price and in a format commensurate with the application.

Is the Teseo AP Kit easy to install?

Teseo modular Aluminium Profile pipework is straight forward to assemble and install without special tools – providing you have the right skills and work safely.
The unique design of the product and the wide range of components available for AP Kit allows for quick installation and modification of the system. 
Fixing the pipework securely is easily accomplished using the Teseo snap clamp. 
All 4 flat faces of the Aluminium Profile can be utilised for the addition of outlet plates which are available in numerous sizes. 
Teseo AP pipe is aesthetically pleasing, light weight, durable, infinitely flexible and straight forward to install in direct contrast to traditional methods of installation.

View the Instruction Manual here

What does the Teseo AP Customisable Kit come with?

A Customisable AP Kit comprises:

  • 4 x 2.5 M pipe
  • 2 x straight joint
  • 3 x elbow
  • 1 x closed terminal
  • 1 x 1/2" male threaded terminal
  • 2 x 3/8" female outlet plate
  • 6 x snap clamp
  • 1 x 4mm Allen screwdriver
  • 1 x deburring tool
  • 1 x grease
  • 1 x PTFE tape

I would like to customise my Kit but I'm unsure what products to choose, can you help?

Send us your design and we will suggest a schedule of materials.
Feel free to send us any questions you may have – we will do our best to answer them for you.
If we don’t know the answer we will use our industry knowledge and network of contacts to help you find a solution.

Does the Teseo AP Kit come with all of the tools necessary for installation?

AP Kit is supplied with the tools and ancillary items shown in the Contents ListWe expect that a suitably experienced installer, with appropriate skills, will have the basic tools necessary to  complete the installation process.  For example:

- A drill for fixing brackets

- A suitable saw for cutting pipe to length

- And the other basic kit necessary to perform a similar function.

Once installed, is it possible to modify my Kit?

AP Kit is infinitely flexible: as the kit is reusable it follows that it can be dis-assembled and re-configured. 
Outlet plates can be added with ease to provide additional threaded (BSP) connections – both male and female.
An elbow can be replaced with a tee to turn a single pipe run into two flow paths.
Have a close look at the system you will soon recognise this is an intuitive product design with the compressed air user in mind and if you are not sure how to develop your system send use your questions or ideas and we will lend you our expertise to produce the correct solution.

Is The Teseo AP Kit safe?

Compressed air is a source of safe and reliable power [reference British Compressed Air Society], if it is used and installed correctly; in the same way that electricity, gas & steam – the other utilities – are safe and reliable.  It is unusual to see users, in whatever circumstances, taking chances with their electricity or gas supply.
To be safe and reliable the risks associated with the use of compressed air need to be understood and subject to the application of sound engineering practice.  This is particularly so when transporting compressed air as leaking pipes and trailing hoses are hazards which can cause serious injury.

“Is AP Kit safe”? Yes, providing you have the correct skills, experience and work safely. 

How often should I bracket Teseo pipework?

Brackets should be placed every 2 to 3 metres of running pipe. 
Additional supports should be used when changing height or direction.
The AP Snap Clamp is an inexpensive and very reliable bracket when installed correctly.
For a safe and reliable system an extra bracket is always good practice. 

How do I connect the new Teseo pipework to my existing compressor?

A threaded bsp terminal of the correct size will usually be the best and most appropriate means of connection.
Please refer to our range of Pipe, Fittings & Extras

What is the maximum working pressure of a Teseo system?

The maximum operating pressure is 15 bar.
Please see page 2 of the Technical Characteristics 

Can I use Teseo pipework for fluids other than compressed air?

Yes, Teseo pipework is compatible with most inert gases and fluids for use at pressure up to 25 bar. Please refer to us for further product and application specific information.

How do I order?

We hope you find navigating and shopping on our website easy. Follow the steps below to to start shopping.

In the Shop, click AP Kits to begin ordering a Kit or if you would just like to order from our wide range of Teseo fittings and pipework to add to an existing system, click Extra Parts. 

Teseo AP Kit order process

Once on the AP Kits page, input your desired quantity and click "Add to cart". If the standard Kit is sufficient for your needs and you do not require any extra parts, click "Checkout".

Teseo AP Kit order process

If you wish to add extra parts to your Kit, click "Add extra parts"

Teseo AP Kit order process

Once you have chosen your extra parts, simply click "Review & checkout" to checkout and begin the payment process.

Teseo AP Kit order process

If you would like advice on Kit configuration or have any questions about the Kit or Extra Parts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there an easy way to show you what is in my cart?

If you would like to show us what is in your cart because you need help with finalising you order, for example, there is an easy way. Continue the checkout process until you reach payment details and then this will show up on our system. We can see your cart and assist you with your order.

What are your delivery and returns terms?

Teseo AP Kit

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Carriage & Packing Costs

All standard AP Kits are sent free of charge via FedEx next working day delivery.

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