Teseo 3/8" M/F Ball Valve August 15, 2019 11:42

The Teseo 3/8" M/F Ball Valve (434 010 055) will temporarily come with a long handle which they use on the F/F Ball Valve.

The 1/2" and 3/4" remains the same.

When the original short handle version is available we will let you know.

Teseo M/F Ball Valve

Teseo F/F Ball Valve


Black Friday 2018 Sale November 16, 2018 16:52

Our Black Friday sale is here early!


Black Friday is officially on 23rd November but we have brought our sale forward effective immediately!
The sale ends at midnight on Friday 23th November.
Whether you would like to create a new installation, extend or modify an existing system, you can save on pipework and fittings during this period.
You can use the discount code as many times as you like.

Enter discount code: blackfriday18

What is on sale?

D Cole Solutions AP (Aluminium Pipework) Kit 
The ultimate compressed air pipework kit. 
Outlets can be positioned precisely where needed allowing convenient
point-to-point connections of tools and equipment close to the application, eliminating trailing hoses.

The AP Kit uses Teseo Modular Aluminium Pipework limited to 2.5M lengths
in AP22 (20mm ID) profile. 
Suitable for anyone who needs a compressed air distribution system, from hobbyists and enthusiasts in a home garage or workshop,
to larger scale commercial applications.
The Kit is infinitely customisable from pipe lengths to a wide selection of outlets and connection sizes.
If our standard Kit configuration doesn't meet your requirements,
you can always create your own.

Have you watched our AP Kit overview yet?
Although this video is based around our Kit concept, you may find it useful for installations of all sizes.

Teseo Pipe & Fittings
Limited to AP22 (20mm ID) & AP28 (25mm ID)
The range of Teseo AP22 & AP28 pipe & fittings are on sale.
Whether you are adding additional items to an AP Kit, modifying or extending an existing system, or even creating a new installation, why not take advantage of the best prices on our most popular size range.

Black Friday Sale Terms & Conditions
The items on sale are available to purchase with a credit or debit card through our online store.
If you would like to place an order on account, please contact us to verify if you are eligible.
The sale prices are not to be combined with any other promotional offer.
The sale only applies to: DCS AP Kits & Teseo AP22-AP28 range.

Teseo HBS Prices November 16, 2018 16:38

You can view the Teseo HBS Pipework & Fittings range here: 

All items are POA, please email for a quote or fill in our contact form here

How to transition from Teseo HBS to Teseo AP August 31, 2018 13:44

Whether you're extending an existing Teseo HBS (Hollow Bar System) system into a new Teseo AP (Aluminium Pipework) system or simply adding a drop to low level, transitioning from Teseo HBS to Teseo AP is straightforward. 

This is a common modification to Teseo Pipework systems as installation is quicker and easier than ever with Teseo AP due to the lightweight design of pipe and easy to use fittings.

Below you can see an example of how a customer achieved this.
It is best practice to use a ball valve to easily isolate air supply if needed. This has health and safety benefits as well as being able to modify the system in the future without significant downtime. 


Teseo HBS Pipework to Teseo AP Pipework

Parts used:

Teseo HBS80 Natural 5M Pipe Length - 800 085 500                                                             

Teseo HBS I60 1/2" Female Outlet Plate Complete - 003 003 003

Teseo M/F 1/2" Ball Valve - 434 021 067 

Teseo AP 1/2" Male Threaded Terminal Complete - 006 020 030

Teseo AP22 Natural 2.5M Pipe - 800 020 250


Alternatively, you can use a Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate.

Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate

Teseo HBS Pipework to Teseo AP Pipework

Parts Used:

Teseo HBS80 Natural 5M Pipe Length - 800 085 500

Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate Complete - 006 040 060

Teseo AP45 Ball Valve Complete - 006 040 046

Teseo AP45 2.5M Natural Pipe - 006 040 250

Installation is straightforward, quick and aesthetically pleasing.
Look out for our next blog on how to use the Teseo Drilling Tool to 'hot tap' a live system which means zero downtime.

View the Teseo HBS Hollow Bar System range

View the Teseo AP Aluminium Pipework range

View the Teseo Product Catalogue

If you need any assistance with Teseo Pipework, please contact us

How To Mount Teseo AP36 Pipework July 3, 2018 22:01

You may notice there is no option to purchase the AP36 Snap Clamp on our website. AP36 is Teseo's latest addition to the AP range and the Snap Clamp is simply not ready yet.

Teseo AP Snap Clamp

You can get around this by using an L Plate instead.

Teseo AP L Plate Complete

Teseo AP L Plate Complete CAD

We will let you know when the Snap Clamp is available.

If you require any further assistance with this, you can always contact us

Teseo Pipework Sizes Explained March 1, 2018 12:49

Teseo have recently had a change in how they refer to their pipework sizes.

We often have customers contact us who have bought Teseo Pipework before this change and are confused after looking at the updated sizes and part numbers.

Please use the guide below for your reference to pipework sizes.

Teseo AP Range

AP22 = 20mm ID - Previously named AP20
AP28 = 25mm ID - Previously named AP25
AP36 = 32mm ID - Previously named AP32
AP45 = 40mm ID - Previously named AP40
AP54 = 50mm ID - Previously named AP50
AP68 = 63mm ID - Previously named AP63

Teseo AP Profiles Section Overview

Teseo HBS Range

HBS25 = 25mm ID
HBS32 = 32mm ID
HBS50 = 50mm ID
HBS63 = 63mm ID
HBS80 = 80mm ID
HBS110 = 110mm ID

Teseo HBS Profiles Section Overview

If you need any assistance with Teseo Pipework you can contact us

Buy PCL Air Technology Products Online November 18, 2017 18:47

We now stock PCL products, specifically for use with the Teseo pipework range online at D Cole Solutions.

We will be adding products regularly so keep an eye out for new additions.  

Below you can see a snippet from our Teseo AP Kit Overview video showing how you can use Teseo and PCL together.

If you require any assistance or can't find what you're looking for, please contact us
You can always click the 'request call back' button at the top of any page and we'll call you straight back or at a time to suit you.

PCL couplings & adaptors with Teseo Pipework

"Outlets can be positioned precisely where needed, allowing convenient point-to-point connection of tools and equipment close to the application."
D Cole Solutions

SALE - Teseo AP Kit November 16, 2017 16:34

Extend or modify an existing system or create your own. Perfect for your garage, workshop or business.


British Compressed Air Society Safety Card April 28, 2017 17:01

BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) have updated their 'Working Safely With Compressed Air' document.

Available to save from our downloads section click here

Need a hand with your Teseo AP Kit configuration? November 3, 2016 17:15

Do you want to buy a Teseo AP Kit to supply compressed air for your home garage, workshop or business, but need help with a system layout or configuration? We can help and supply a full bill of materials for your application!

Teseo AP Kit Overview October 10, 2016 12:24

You've probably found us because you're looking for a compressed air line pipework system for your home garage or workshop. The most common workaround is a hose reel or nylon pneumatic tubing however we have the best practice solution to compressed air pipework available to buy online.

Please take a look at our Teseo AP Kit Overview. We receive a lot of frequently asked questions that the video answers. 

You can view the Kit in our Shop here

If you would like to request a call back, more information or help with design and the configuration of your Kit, just click one of the red buttons in the header at the top of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The use of compressed air is now commonplace in the workshops of hobbyists, craftsmen and small businesses.

Conventional compressed air systems, using traditional methods and materials for distributing compressed air around the workplace can be clumsy and unsafe.

Trailing hoses can cause damage and create trip hazards, which can be overcome by using a Teseo AP Kit to provide a quick, easy and affordable way to update your installation.

Teseo modular aluminum pipework is straightforward to assemble without special tools providing you have the right skills and work safely.

The double o-ring design provides for leak free pipework with a minimum number of components and all of tasks normally associated with pipework installation whether cutting to length, adding connections and take-offs or threaded BSP terminals are easily accomplished.

Brackets can be mounted direct onto walls, unistrut frame, or hung from high level; again installation is straightforward.

There are a number of ways to provide outlets and numerous types of connections, making the addition of take-offs a simple process. The Teseo AP Kit can be extended and modified with ease.

Change of direction is achieved using elbows or tees, and all fittings are leak free and secure when installed correctly.

Materials of construction are metallic, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable.

Outlets can be positioned precisely where needed, allowing convenient point to point connection of tools and equipment, close to the application.

Teseo AP Kit is the best practice approach to compressed air pipework, previously out of reach for hobbyists, craftsmen and artisan businesses.

Available ex-stock as a standard package or bespoke specification, and delivered in a convenient box format.

Transform your installation with a customisable AP Kit, a truly industrial system which can be adapted and applied to a range of workplace applications.

Aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, durable and infinitely flexible. Teseo AP Kit, distributed exclusively in the UK by D Cole Solutions. The simple solution to trailing hoses.

Air-Tech 2016 June 1, 2016 07:39

Have a look at our short video from our first public appearance at Air-Tech. 

We attended along with Teseo UK and showcased our AP Kit.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Compressed air safety! March 19, 2016 14:04

Mr Airhead

We’ll be using our Mr Airhead character from time-to-time to make our readers aware of best practice use of compressed air, innovations and product developments. 

The safe use of compressed air is a good place to start. It is often said that compressed air is a source of safe and reliable power.

We endorse that view with the caveat that the risks associated with the use of compressed air need to be understood and subject to the application of sound engineering practice.

If you behave like an airhead you can expect to get hurt or cause harm to others. Please don’t do it; use compressed air, air tools, and air operated equipment for their intended purpose as advised by the product manufacturers.

Don’t just take our word for it…. follow the link below and see what British Compressed Air Society have to say on the subject of working safely with compressed air.

BCAS Do's & Don'ts

Be Serious About Safety!

You can find more helpful links in our Downloads here