Teseo Pipework Sizes Explained March 1, 2018 12:49

Teseo have recently had a change in how they refer to their pipework sizes.

We often have customers contact us who have bought Teseo Pipework before this change and are confused after looking at the updated sizes and part numbers.

Please use the guide below for your reference to pipework sizes.

Teseo AP Range

AP22 = 20mm ID - Previously named AP20
AP28 = 25mm ID - Previously named AP25
AP36 = 32mm ID - Previously named AP32
AP45 = 40mm ID - Previously named AP40
AP54 = 50mm ID - Previously named AP50
AP68 = 63mm ID - Previously named AP63

Teseo AP Profiles Section Overview

Teseo HBS Range

HBS25 = 25mm ID
HBS32 = 32mm ID
HBS50 = 50mm ID
HBS63 = 63mm ID
HBS80 = 80mm ID
HBS110 = 110mm ID

Teseo HBS Profiles Section Overview

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