Teseo AP Kit Overview October 10, 2016 12:24

You've probably found us because you're looking for a compressed air line pipework system for your home garage or workshop. The most common workaround is a hose reel or nylon pneumatic tubing however we have the best practice solution to compressed air pipework available to buy online.

Please take a look at our Teseo AP Kit Overview. We receive a lot of frequently asked questions that the video answers. 

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The use of compressed air is now commonplace in the workshops of hobbyists, craftsmen and small businesses.

Conventional compressed air systems, using traditional methods and materials for distributing compressed air around the workplace can be clumsy and unsafe.

Trailing hoses can cause damage and create trip hazards, which can be overcome by using a Teseo AP Kit to provide a quick, easy and affordable way to update your installation.

Teseo modular aluminum pipework is straightforward to assemble without special tools providing you have the right skills and work safely.

The double o-ring design provides for leak free pipework with a minimum number of components and all of tasks normally associated with pipework installation whether cutting to length, adding connections and take-offs or threaded BSP terminals are easily accomplished.

Brackets can be mounted direct onto walls, unistrut frame, or hung from high level; again installation is straightforward.

There are a number of ways to provide outlets and numerous types of connections, making the addition of take-offs a simple process. The Teseo AP Kit can be extended and modified with ease.

Change of direction is achieved using elbows or tees, and all fittings are leak free and secure when installed correctly.

Materials of construction are metallic, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable.

Outlets can be positioned precisely where needed, allowing convenient point to point connection of tools and equipment, close to the application.

Teseo AP Kit is the best practice approach to compressed air pipework, previously out of reach for hobbyists, craftsmen and artisan businesses.

Available ex-stock as a standard package or bespoke specification, and delivered in a convenient box format.

Transform your installation with a customisable AP Kit, a truly industrial system which can be adapted and applied to a range of workplace applications.

Aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, durable and infinitely flexible. Teseo AP Kit, distributed exclusively in the UK by D Cole Solutions. The simple solution to trailing hoses.