A Safe Environment

Trailing hose trip hazard

Trailing hoses create trip hazards and cause damage; easily resolved quickly and affordably with a Teseo AP Kit.

Users of compressed air will be familiar with the issue of trailing hoses used because the alternative is not obvious or is [considered to be] too expensive. Of course, it’s relatively easy to connect a hose and drag it around but that doesn’t make for a safe working environment. Even if there is no one else in the area, putting a hose down to go and find another tool or component can easily lead to an accidental trip with serious consequences. Multiply the risk by adding other workers, visitors, friends and relatives it soon becomes clear that trailing hoses should be a thing of the past.

AP Kit makes localised point-to-point connection of flexible piping the go-to solution. The modular format of the system with a comprehensive range of fittings, coupled with the product’s ease of modification, removes the need for long lengths of trailing hose. Simply installing an outlet plate where compressed air is needed and connecting up with a permanent [flexible] pipe or using a short hose to plug in to the compressed air system and disconnecting when the job is done, dramatically improves the safety of the working environment by delivering compressed air exactly where you want it.