Simple Installation

Unique design makes installation a straight forward process.

Teseo modular Aluminium Profile pipework is straight forward to assemble and install without special tools – providing you have the right skills and work safely.

The unique design of the product and the wide range of components available for the AP Kit allows for quick installation and modification of the system. Double O-rings on fittings eliminate air leaks and all of the tasks normally associated with pipework installation; whether cutting to length, forming connections and take-offs, changing direction or adding BSP terminals, are completed without resorting to brazing or threading pipes.

Fixing the pipework securely is easily accomplished using the Teseo snap clamp. The snap clamp can be mounted direct on to walls, unistrut frame or hung from high level to provide a stable method of support. Unlike round piping systems AP square section pipe will not rotate in its bracket.

All 4 flat faces of the Aluminium Profile can be utilised for the addition of outlet plates which are available in numerous sizes. Outlet plates can be positioned precisely where needed making convenient point-to-point connection of equipment and tools a simple process.

Teseo Aluminium Profile pipe is not subject to corrosion or oxidation and does not need painting. As a consequence AP pipe preserves compressed air quality protecting the tools and equipment connected to the system.

The smooth inner surface of the extruded aluminium reduces friction improving air flow characteristics and reducing pressure drops. AP pipe and fittings are metallic and therefore durable (much more so than plastic alternatives), this also means that an AP pipework system can be easily earthed where circumstances dictate.

Teseo AP pipe is reusable and easy to recycle.

Teseo AP pipe is aesthetically pleasing, light weight, durable, infinitely flexible and straight forward to install in direct contrasts to traditional methods of installation.