Industrial Standard

Teseo pipework electrical conduit

Aluminium Profile (AP) pipe in kit format is aimed at lower flow applications but the design characteristics ensure that whatever the application the use of AP will result in an “industrial standard” system. 

Teseo pipework has been installed in the UK and throughout the world for more than 25 years. It can be seen in many of the major manufacturing facilities in the UK where the product’s features offer its users exposure to best-practice in pipework system design and application saving money, time and energy.

The introduction of AP Kit brings all of these benefits to the smaller user at a price and in a format commensurate with the application.

AP removes the need to mend and make do: to take risks and ruin product. Smaller quantities, attractive pricing and the convenience of a box format does not mean compromise on design, breadth of range or quality of materials. When selecting an AP Kit for an application the results can be just the same as if the installation was being carried out in an international aero engine facility, a multi-national car manufacturing plant or the food processing factory of a company with a household name.