Fully Customisable

Teseo female outlet plate

Standard or bespoke specifications in a convenient box format, AP Kit is infinitely flexible.

AP Kit is the best-practice approach to compressed air pipework previously out of reach for hobbyists, enthusiasts and artisan businesses. This unique kit is available as a standard package and delivered in a convenient box format. It allows a number of pipework configurations to be achieved with changes of height, direction and connection types, over a distance of 10 running metres.

Perfect for the replacement of hose reels, flexible hose lengths, modification of existing systems and for new installations and yet the standard kit is only the beginning. Fully customisable, the kit can be expanded and developed by the addition of 2.5 metre pipe lengths, and any variation of fitting types and sizes.

Teseo AP pipework is easy to modify using tee’s, 90° elbows and straight connectors. Outlets with BSP male or female threads and push-fit connections can be positioned precisely where they are needed on any of the 4 flat faces of the Aluminium Profile.

In-line ball valves can be added or incorporated into a system together with terminals for onward connection to solid or flexible pipe or to provide a blank end as a termination of a pipe run.

All fittings benefit from the double O-ring design, single or double “L” clamping brackets and or integral clamps with allen screws for a secure, leak-free system. And for larger systems when depressurisation is not convenient the DT live drilling tool, designed specifically for use with the Teseo range of pipework systems, allows the compressed air system to be drilled under pressure with a valved outlet plate being added to provide the means for onward connection without disrupting the compressed air supply.