PCL AC91S 5/16" Hose Tailpiece Vertex Coupling

£7.36 +VAT


For use with 8mm / 5/16" hose.

Vertex couplings have a double action feature which makes them ideal for trailing hose applications in garage and tyreshop environments.

Designed for TRAILING HOSE applications

  • Compatible with the Standard range of Adaptors
  • Protective shoulder prevents dirt penetration and accidental disconnection
  • Steel Construction - robust and hardwearing, ideal for use in the engineering/workshop environment
  • Positive locking mechanism

Nominal bore: 4.8mm
Maximum flow rate: 43cfm @ 100lbf/in²
Maximum Working Pressure: 200lbf/in² (14bar)
Type:& Double Action

Rectus 19

Please note: There is no minimum quantity requirement for this item.