Teseo AP Natural 2.5M Pipe

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SKU: 800 020 250

2.5M pipe in natural finish.

Download AP Profiles Section Overview PDF

AP22 = 20mm ID
AP28 = 25mm ID
AP36 = 32mm ID
AP45 = 40mm ID
AP54 = 50mm ID
AP68 = 63mm ID

Teseo AP Natural 2.5M Pipe part numbers

Minimum Quantity Requirements

During transit pipe can bend if sent under the minimum quantity requirements.
When purchased in the correct quantities, we can pack the pipework together which forms a rigid base which minimises the risk of bending.

AP22 = No minimum quantity
AP28 = No minimum quantity
AP36 = No minimum quantity
AP45 = 4
AP54 = 4
AP68 = 4