3M 4737T High Temperature Fine Line Tape 1/4" x 32.9M

£3.99 +VAT

SKU: 4737T

Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737 is a vinyl paint masking tape for fascia, rocker panels, two-tone and other multiple colour applications where critical paint break lines are required.


1/4" (6.35mm) x 32.9m (36 yds.)


  • Solvent & water resistant
  • The conformable backing is designed for uniform stretching to help create better paint lines
  • The adhesive and backing work together to minimise paint seepage
  • Outstanding fine line colour separation
  • Smooth trimmed edges create a continuous straight paint line
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Vinyl backing is heat resistant for one piece removal
  • Functions with high temperature paint brake cycles
  • Minimal neck down when stretched for accurate paint lines
  • Scotch® Tape 4373T - Translucent backing allows visual confirmation of adhesive wet out on substrate
  • Confirmable to allow ease of application in areas of tight radii and depression


Ideal for the transportation OEM industry for paint masking of metal plastic surfaces.