Teseo Drilling Tool Hire

£45.00 +VAT

SKU: 005 004 021/H

Download Teseo Drilling Tool Instructions

Convenient weekly hire.

Adjust the quantity to how many weeks you require.

A small refundable deposit is needed before the tool is dispatched. We will contact you as soon as you place you order.

Hot Tapping is the method of making a connection to existing pipework while the system is under pressure.

The Teseo Hot Tap Drilling Tool enables you to drill HBS and AP compressed air distribution lines under pressure with ease and safety due to the flat sided profile of the Teseo bar. The result is a valved outlet point and significant cost savings.

This product is designed for use with HBS and AP systems.

Benefits to your Business

  • No down time. You do not have to shut down your plant or stop production
  • Aluminium swarf produced by drilling does not penetrate into the pipework
  • The addition of an outlet plate is easy and safe
  • No time wasted draining the systems
Part No. Weight
13 1/2" 320 005 004 021 750
19 3/4" 355 005 004 026 840