How To Transition From Teseo HBS Pipework To Teseo AP Pipework March 28, 2018 18:52

Whether you're extending an existing Teseo HBS (Hollow Bar System) system into a new Teseo AP (Aluminium Pipework) system or simply adding a drop to low level, transitioning from Teseo HBS pipework to Teseo AP pipework is straightforward. 

This is a common modification to Teseo Pipework systems as installation is quicker and easier than ever with Teseo AP due to the lightweight design of pipe and easy to use fittings.

Below you can see an example of how a customer transitioned from Teseo HBS to Teseo AP. 
It is best practice to use a ball valve to easily isolate air supply if needed. This has health and safety benefits as well as being able to modify the system in the future without significant downtime. 


Teseo HBS Pipework to Teseo AP Pipework

Parts used:

Teseo HBS80 Natural 5M Pipe Length - 800 085 500                                                             

Teseo HBS I60 1/2" Female Outlet Plate Complete - 003 003 003

Teseo M/F 1/2" Ball Valve - 434 021 067 

Teseo AP 1/2" Male Threaded Terminal Complete - 006 020 030

Teseo AP22 Natural 2.5M Pipe - 800 020 250


Alternatively, you can use a Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate.

Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate

Teseo HBS Pipework to Teseo AP Pipework

Parts Used:

Teseo HBS80 Natural 5M Pipe Length - 800 085 500

Teseo HBS-AP Reduction Plate Complete - 006 040 060

Teseo AP45 Ball Valve Complete - 006 040 046

Teseo AP45 2.5M Natural Pipe - 006 040 250

Installation is straightforward, quick and aesthetically pleasing.
Look out for our next blog on how to use the Teseo Drilling Tool to 'hot tap' a live system which means zero downtime.

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